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A Good Bed Is A Big And Important Investment.

After all if you don't get good sleep, your life doesn't move smoothly. With a variety of options available in the market, choosing the right unit can become a little confusing. Here are 5 factors that should be taken into consideration so that you make the right choice.

The size of the bed is determined according to size of the mattress that can fit within the bed. The most popular sizes are single, queen and king size bed. Know the dimensions of your bedroom and choose the most suitable design so that the room doesn't look bulky. There should be enough circulation space to move around the bed and the hinged panels of the wardrobe or drawers can open freely.


When selecting a style, make sure that the design matches with the traditional, modern or transitional decor of the bedroom. Consider a bunk bed for the children’s bedroom and opt for a four-poster bed only if the bedroom has a high ceiling. Sofa beds, folding beds and divans are ideal for compact homes or spare rooms.

We offer both Standard beds without any storage and Beds with Storage. Storage beds are space saving units that increase the functionality of the bedroom as they come with built-in storage. These beds are ideal for storing seasonal clothing, towels, blankets and so on.

The different types of storage beds include:

Hydraulic: These come with a lift mechanism where the lid opens completely and it is easy to operate.

Beds with box storage: These are divided into two equal halves. One has to hold up the mattress to open the lids and access the storage.

Units with slide-out drawers: These are very convenient and comparatively easier to handle.

Invest in good quality beds as purchasing these is a long-term investment which lasts for years.

The different materials that are used for fabricating beds include teak, sal and rosewood, MDF, plywood, wrought iron and steel. Note that wooden beds are expensive, highly durable and give an aesthetically pleasing look while metal beds are comparatively cheaper and robust. Avoid using MDF ones as they are not very strong and durable. For the headboard you can opt for wood or an upholstered headboard panel if you prefer a softer base. The different types of upholstery materials include cotton, linen, velvet and leather.


A headboard not only forms the focal point of the bedroom but also prevents the wall from scratches and functions as a good back support. Modern headboards come with built-in storage options which make them highly functional. When choosing the headboard, various factors like size of the room, size of the wall, material and design style should be taken into consideration.

Material Options for Head Boards

-A wooden headboard adds warmth, is easy to clean and long lasting. The best part about wood is that it can easily blend with a traditional, modern or transitional bedroom decor.

Materials like wrought iron, copper, brass and stainless steel can be used to fabricate metal headboards. The shiny surface of metal imparts a rich and glamorous look to the bed and takes the overall decor of the bedroom to a whole new level. It is essential to treat the metallic surface of the headboard against rust and corrosion.

-Upholstered headboards are soft and form a very comfortable backrest. These can be designed in any shape and upholstered in materials like velvet, cotton, linen and so on. It is advisable to go for a material which is durable, long lasting and easy to maintain—if the headboard is close to a window then purchase a fabric which is resistant to fading. Different types of tufting like diamond, biscuit, button, blind and channel tufting can be used to add a good finishing touch to the bedroom decor.

-Natural leather is one of the most the popular, durable and expensive materials which gives the headboard a rich, elegant and sophisticated look. Another advantage is that leather ages very well and never goes out of style. But if you are looking for a cost-effective option or do not want to use an animal products then consider leatherette which is a synthetic material that mimics the look of genuine leather.

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Good Bed Is A Big Investment.

After all if you don't get good sleep