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Ergonomic Products Are Essential In A Modern Workplace

Having ergonomic products in your office was once seen a luxury or even a perk. No longer. Today’s smart employer realises that ergonomic products are a vital part of any modern business.

Height Adjustable Tables

Monitor Arms

Height Adjustable Tables


The N05-22D manual sit-stand desk is fully customizable to most compact working areas or small rooms. Its ample width adjustment fits for the desktops with the width from 1000-1600mm (39.4"-63.0"). The height adjustment accommodates most users and encourages the users to develop a healthy sit-stand habit. A foldable handle can be hidden safely out of the way when not in use. And a solid standard column construction keeps the desk stable while height adjusting.


S02-13D-B is a premium steel electric sit-stand conference desk solution that can improve the health of the users. It comes with easy electric height adjustment system and digital programmable LED memory panel which can store 3 memory presets for convenient use. The MDF & melamine desktop ensures long-lasting use. It’s the perfect choice for conference, and negotiation meeting use. Besides, it also serves as a flexible coffee table after a long meeting!


Slat column design offers unique exterior appearance and an overall lightweight package. For those looking to upgrade a home office or a company looking to outfit an entire office area with standing desks, the S04-22D-B sit-stand desk is the perfect place to start! It is affordably priced allows the customer to save money while gaining the same functions and convenience found in more expensive sit-stand models in the market – 3 memory settings provide an easy way to save and recall a user's most used heights while the timer helps to develop a healthy sit-stand habit.


The S05-22D electric sit-stand desk is ideal for any area especially where the space is limited. The ample width adjustment fits for the desktops with the width from 1000-1600mm (39.4"-63.0"). Its large height adjustment accommodates most users and encourages the users to develop a healthy sit-stand habit. An electric controller provides a quick and effortless operation for height adjustment. The solid standard column construction keeps the desk stable while height adjusting. Everything is packed into a single box for saving shipping and warehousing costs.

Monitor Arms

Ultra Portable Laptop Raiser

The quality mechanical arm structure of the LDT33-C024 has been designed for a variety of applications including the home or office environment. The adjustable height and freely tilting design provide an optimal ergonomic viewing position. The swivelling arm offers maximum viewing flexibility. The detachable VESA plate enables a quick and easy installation. The cable management keeps everything organized and clean.


The LDT12-T01 allows you to clear up your valuable work space, while providing an ergonomic working position. Constructed of high grade steel, this rugged mount built to resist scratches and supports screens up to 8kg/17.6 lbs and 32" in size. We made a detachable VESA panel, just simply screw the monitor on the panel and slide back to the mount. Full motion structure allows smooth, effortless rotating and positioning for any direction, making it easy to find the perfect viewing angle. Tighten or loosen each joint to make your mount as fluid or stationary as desired. You can also adjust the monitor height vertically to a desired position. Besides, cable clip is included for keeping cables organized and protected.

Gas Spring Monitor Arms

Adding adjustability to your monitor means a lot. The monitor arms free you from fixed posture, and help you adjust to a comfortable posture. A suitable positioning of monitor can largely reduce strain on eyes, neck, shoulder and back. All of the health benefits can be simply gained by the adjustment of * Focal Distance * Monitor Angle * Monitor Height


With LPSO1-KPOI, your laptop or tablet can be used for better viewing and typing can also be more comfortable because of ergonomic positions our stand provided. 5 adjustable height settings offer the maximum flexibility and the open design contributes to both elegant look and effective ventilation. Attached non-slip pads improve the security for your devices. Additionally, this compact and folding riser is designed to help users enjoy the same comfort on the road as at home.

New desktop stand for touch screen monitors

With touch screen monitors taking the market by storm, you deserve suitable monitor supports to produce high quality work, and that’s exactly why the LDT35-TO1 desk stand was created. With improved tilt, rotating base and smooth adjustments, our stand offers total control and positioning of 17"-32" touch screen monitors combined with a stable platform for drawing, illustrating, reading and more. Engineered with a quality internal gas spring mechanism that provides smooth height adjustments from 75 to 325 mm while firmly holding devices up to 10kg(22lbs). A convenient keyhole pattern assures faster and easier installation while cable management offers a clutter-free work area.

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